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This listed ART DECO house was refurbished and extended using Permadeck 20 to seamlessly encapsulate both the upper roof and the new extension with balcony.  All areas can be walked on for both maintenance and recreation.
Permadeck 20 is the ideal system to encapsulate Art Deco buildings
This particular roof had an increased slope from a previous attempt at waterproofing; this isn't necessary with Permadeck.  The building was also being extended with curved walls (and roof!) to mirror the original house.  
If you have an Art Deco house please contact us for advice on how Permadeck will protect your property.
Permadeck protecting Art Deco buildings
Permadeck 20 on
Art Deco house

These roofs lend themselves perfectly to Permadeck because they are surprisingly complicated with parapets, internal gutters, outlet sumps, chimneys, vent pipes, flues, cupolas etc.

If you can fit a stair access these roofs make incredible balconies.  And Permadeck is approved as a balcony surface!

Did you know most Art Deco houses have little or no insulation in the roof?  Why not upgrade your roof with an insulated Permadeck (Thermadeck), it will transform its running costs & comfort and could add considerably to the property’s value.  This one now has a Thermadeck 20/100 fitted:-

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