the permanent roof
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Permadeck 20 is so tough it has been approved and certified for balcony use
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Permadeck is used for both refurbishing existing balconies and converting existing flat roofs into stunning terraces at little extra cost to the standard Permadeck 20 roof specification.
Converting a flat roof into a balcony complete with railings, planters and patio furniture can give your property the WOW factor!
 Balcony overlooking sea loch
Wow! This penthouse apartment's balcony overlooks Princes St Gardens and Edinburgh Castle. Now that's a WOW factor! And with Permadeck 20 it no longer leaks.
We've lost count of the numbers of this type of balcony we have transformed.  Typical of the 70s and 80s these garage/porch balconies have usually been a pain in the neck* for their owners.  (*because they're always looking up at the leaks!)
New fascias + new Permadeck  = HOUSE WORTH MORE
ART DECO house being refurbished and extended using Permadeck 20 to seamlessly encapsulate both the upper roof and the new extension with balcony.
The balcony shown above is over a garage and had leaked for years until Permadeck 20 was fitted.  The system has been used to encapsulate BOTH sides of the parapet because it had been built back from the edge of the concrete slab roof allowing water to seep under.  Once the roof has planters and patio furniture this area will add considerably to the property's value as well as stopping the deterioration in its condition.
If you have a problem balcony or are designing a new one please see the advice under Technical Page 1
Permadeck balcony at tennis club, railings still to be fitted to walls.
Balcony, before railings were fitted, overlooking Loch Lomond & Trossachs National Park.
This famous restaurant was once a motel with this huge balcony.  It’s only used by the staff nowadays.
Note that Permadeck is shiny when first laid but becomes a matt finish.

Read more about Permadeck 20 here


Highly durable

Easily withstands foot traffic, plastic furniture, ladders

Can carry planters and roof gardens (subject to capacity of roof joists)

Railings can be fitted to railing pads without affecting waterproofing

Choice of colours

Anti-slip surface

This Permadeck balcony combined the latest design features. Based on a ‘recessed mansard’ with a warm roof deck and (not shown) stainless steel wire system between the posts. And a stunning highland glen view!

When your house sits on the banks of a river, you must have a Permadeck balcony.

The Permadeck steps lead to a Permadeck balcony but not just any  balcony - this is a ‘tee-off’ to the client’s own 18th hole!     And the patio doors lead to the 19th hole

Note on appearance/aesthetics
Allowance must be made for the fact that Permadeck is a hand-laid product, therefore its finish cannot be like a factory product made in a mould. Whilst generally a smooth plastic (except for the anti-slip version) irregularities will appear at overlaps in the glass fibre reinforcing, joints and imperfections in the decking materials and variations in resin thickness etc. Where the reinforcing is bent over an edge fibres may stick out. Appearance can also be affected by weather and temperature. None of these affect its long-term performance. The gloss finish becomes matt as the surface waxes wash off.
Where finish is critical Permadeck can be combined with cladding, decking, paviors, tiles etc.  

Want to over-tile your Permadeck?

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