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Permadeck with  soft single ply systems

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Permadeck ‘drip’ trim for finishing into external gutters, parapet edges etc. 90mm face inc drip curl.

Permadeck ‘lead’ roll trim simulates the standing seams on a lead roof. ~30 or 50mm high

Permadeck angle fillet for finishing against vertical abutments. 150mm high.

These are the main edge trims that become moulded into the Permadeck system.  

Permadeck upstand trim for finishing at roof edges where water flow is not needed. Pulls tight over fascias, ~120mm face.

Edge Trims

Permadeck tile/slate trim, saves disturbing adjoining tiles or slates.

300mm wide, any length.

Permadeck edge trims, finished in standard grey, contrast with the new white fascias giving a smart professional appearance.

Vestigial ‘lead’ effect trim also simulates flattened fold in copper; gives a ribbed appearance. Requires less labour than the roll trim. ~10mm high.