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Other systems, NOT USED BY US!
In recent years EPDM/Rubber (giant sheets of rubbery plastic) has reappeared on the market mainly because 'felt' contractors can't get naked flame insurance to lay their felt. Apart from being cheap EPDM/Rubber has little to commend it.  It can also wreck your roof since in high exposure areas (North of England & all of Scotland) it should have ~1 tonne of stones per 10 square metres to hold it down. A typical 25 sqm roof extension will have 2.5 tonnes added to it - your joists and Artex won't like that!  See the comparison table below.
These photographs are of a block of flats only 18 months after having EPDM 'fitted'!
As a family based company we are free to market any type of roof system.  If one of our competitors claims some other system is better or that our claims about Permadeck are not justified in some way please let us know, it could save you from an expensive mistake - like the ones above.
We've lost count of the EPDM roofs we have replaced.  Using what is basically a pool liner for roofing work just doesn't work when things get difficult - like where the material meets edges, walls, tiles, slates, pipes, chimneys, gutters, drains, skylights, vents, parapets etc etc. 
This 60 sqm EPDM roof had 6 tonnes of stones on it causing the beams to bend and water to gather in the middle adding more weight and more bending and more weight...  
Just like felt roofs that have chips on them, the stones don't stay there - they get blown off in high winds, however, blocked gutters are the least of your worries.
This roof and its parapet were easily encapsulated
with Permadeck and looked much neater.   

Who said EPDM was seamless!

This seam ran right across the roof

EPDM - great for growing moss, weeds and even trees...
Just look at the picture below.  
In the foreground is a Permadeck roof but next door is an EPDM roof with weeds 9" high!
The EPDM shown here was tucked about 1.5" (4cm) under the slates. In contrast, the Permadeck trim will be fitted under the slates and up to the level you can see about 8" (20cm). This gives vastly better storm, snow and slush protection.
See the wrinkles?  EPDM shrinks over the years and tries to pull away from fixed edges.
And it's not just us highlighting these problems.  Here is an extract from the BASF Chemical Company's web site:
"Common failure indications of EPDM

 Note the diagonal shrinkage 'pull'.

Spot the letters: EPDM

Stretching, caused by shrinkage, is the primary failure indication for EPDM roofs. This is usually discovered when the building leaks and a roof inspection shows that the membrane is pulling away from inside corners and angle changes. Building owners are frequently reporting leaks after five to seven years, with replacement required in the first 10 or 12 years of service."
"Special report concerning issues relating to EPDM shrinkage”
If fibreglass shrank the world would be full of shrivelled boats, cars and water tanks!!
"After" - the completed Permadeck.

Which roof would you be proud of?  AND you can walk on your Permadeck, put ladders on it, jump on it, have a party on it! Even if you don't, it's good to know it's that tough.

We’ve seen EPDM advertised as the ‘Ultimate Roof’. Check out this table and decide for yourself which is the ultimate!

Over 3 decades Permadeck has proven durable in the worst of weather conditions - a unique GRP (fibreglass) that doesn’t crack, craze, shrink, split, tear or bubble.

That’s why the BBA consistently renew its certification every three years.  

BBA 93/2967

If this link is broken you can download this report here

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System feature




Only on simple roofs


Moulds around complex details



Integral edge trims



Resists cutting



Resists abrasion



Anti-slip available



Hard or soft roof



Heavy ballast stones



Fully bonded



Choice of colours



System wall flashing



Shrinks over time





2.3mm bonded to 18mm plywood

The new Permadeck

The old EPDM