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Extensions are back in vogue.  If you like your house and don’t want to move, adding an extension can make a lot of sense.

Roof design is made easy with Permadeck. This one in Edinburgh has extended eaves to keep the picture window on the main wall dry. The roof has a concealed gutter and a rooflight to make the interior as bright as possible.  Check out our ‘Mansard’ page too: “Mansard”.  An even more adventurous version of this design can be seen at the bottom of this page.
Roofing felt gave extensions a bad name so pitched roofs became the norm in the ’90s but because of the high pitch angle needed for tiles and often having existing windows on the house wall above, the size of the possible extension was restricted.
However, with Permadeck, your extension can be ANY size and you could even use the roof as a balcony!

Renovated cottage on the shores of Loch Fyne. Permadeck 20 with new rooflight and insulation.

This roof had a welded pvc system fitted that had failed at every fixing despite being only 5 years old.   It also looked like a crumpled duvet.

Another transformation with Permadeck!

Using Permadeck to the full.

This stunning site used anti-slip Permadeck as a future balcony.

The Permadeck moulded the kerb for a large cupola (temporary cover shown here) and the system was swept up the roof to give huge cover below the bottom row of new pantiles.

This 5 car carport has a slated mansard front to it. The photograph was taken in 2009 though the Permadeck was laid in 1999. It has since been converted into a balcony.

Why the BBA Approval is important to YOU

2 storey dormer extension doubles the size of this cottage. Zoom in and you’ll see that the Permadeck has been taken up to the ridge.

The upside down bucket on the roof was covering a new Litepipe/Solatube, which are so easy to fit along with Permadeck.

Using Permadeck to the full: the upper level is the warm roof over the extension while the architect designed the lower level as an eaves ‘wing’ and to form a continuous gutter around the roof.  The smaller and lower roof on the right is also encapsulated with the Permadeck inc the upstand between the roofs.

Picture taken with scaffold at eaves height and rooflight still to be fitted.

Or just keep it simple with Permadeck!