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® Flexiroof is a registered trade mark of Seamless Roofing Ltd.
Product Description
Flexiroof is a high performance non-toxic solvent based acrylic system that is resistant to abrasion, mildew, fire and chemicals.  It forms a tough waterproofing membrane with permeability qualities that make it perfect for historic building preservation.  It comes in a lead grey colour to blend with conventional materials.  Flexiroof contains a 450gm/sqm fibreglass matting reinforcement that increases the inherent tear properties of the base resin more than 1000 times.
Flexiroof is excellent for interior or exterior use and is suitable for application over roofs, walls, ceilings, trims, ducts, pipes, siding, window sills and frames.  It securely seals and encases most materials eg wood, plaster, stucco, masonry, concrete, structural steel, shingles, built-up roofing, fibreglass and asphalt.  Flexiroof is highly mouldable and can be laid at any angle up to vertical.  
Flexiroof features:
Technical Data and Properties
Solids by weight: 69% (+/- 2%)
Solids by volume: 60% (+/- 2%)
Liquid appearance: Grey with mild scent
Viscosity: 115-130 KU
Drying times: Rain resistant immediately; touch dry in 1-4 Hours and fully cured in 10-14 days
Flexiroof10 is non-toxic, non-mercuric, and low in Volatile Organic Content (V.O.C.).
Toxicology:  There is no toxicological basis for limiting occupancy of a dwelling unit, or restricting entry of any resident including pregnant women and children under six years of age, to dwelling units during the application and cure phases.
Product Installation
Product use

Flexiroof is applied by brush, fleece roller and metered squeegee.

Applied in temperatures between 5ºC and 80ºC.

Applied as a base layer followed by total reinforcement and a top layer.

Clean-up is with acetone or proprietary cleaner.

Coverage depends on texture of surface being encased.

Flexiroof is ideal for point repairs and flexible joints, can be used to join Permadeck to adjoining felt roofs and is ideal as a temporary repair system