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There are a lot of them about!
Cheap prices are tempting but you know you'll get a cheap job.  If there's no VAT on the work the contractor is either very small or he is operating illegally.  Either way, you must be wary of workmanship standards, material quality, guarantees and public liability insurance. No liability insurance could be a disaster for you - your own insurance is very unlikely to cover a contractor’s negligence – like burning your house down!!
If it did, contractors would never need insurance.
Protect yourself.   No-one else will!
We will give you a detailed written quotation showing what you want done and how much it will cost. 
Our materials and installation procedures are monitored by the British Board of Agrément.
We are fully insured by Lloyds Insurance.
We are part of a family group founded in 1952.
You will get a written guarantee covering materials and workmanship.
Permadeck is our own system, we protect its reputation by installing EVERY roof correctly.
Our competitors buy in other company’s materials; if their work fails YOU cannot prove who is to blame: Contractor or Manufacturer.  
Insurance premiums have soared in recent years – ‘in many parts of the UK over 75% of roofing contractors now have no insurance’.  (Sunday Times, June 2003).
Customer Care Policy


For many years the roofing and building industries have been plagued with manufacturers and contractors claiming to give INSURANCE BACKED GUARANTEES.

BEFORE you sign insist on knowing the name of the insurer or underwriter involved.  Without that information you will have NO insurance.