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Lead, Copper & Zinc Roofs
We have used Permadeck successfully over many years, often on listed buildings, as a great alternative to Lead, Copper and Zinc. As well as colour matching we can reproduce the standing seams (lead rolls or 'bottles') of these old systems. 
The copper roofs on this town house were never very successful. The Permadeck is though!
Here's a good one...
This lead roof above was on a BRAND NEW block of flats. It leaked. So it was replaced with another lead roof.  It leaked too. So we replaced the lead with PERMADECK, which can't leak.  Another problem solved with Permadeck. Imitation lead rolls can be fitted if the roof is visible, in this case only the birds could see it and the developer was glad to get rid of them!
Simulated copper - we’ve re-roofed a number of these town houses and they look really 1st class when finished.

THEFT! Stolen lead is another good reason for using Permadeck.  

Permadeck has no value to thieves.  

In the beautiful Tay Valley at Aberfeldy, was this refurb of a standing-seam lead mansard roof that had corroded. The timbers below the standing seams were extensively rotten. We could have simulated the standing seams but since the roof is out of sight this wasn’t necessary.

Look carefully and you’ll see the old ‘lead steps’, ridge beam, and round rooflights; all very easily moulded into the Permadeck system.

Just compare the two ends of this roof:

The far end still has the old zinc roof with standing seams or ‘bottles’.  The Permadeck at this end now seamlessly replaces all of the pieces of zinc making the roof absolutely watertight. Every zinc or lead roof we have ever removed has shown significant rotting of both the timber below and the metal itself. There are 2 reasons for this, firstly all the individual pieces of metal never completely overlap to withstand stormy weather and, secondly, metal products suffer from condensation underneath.  

This Grade II listed gate-house in South Wales had its new lead roof stolen and, naturally, the owners didn’t want that to happen again.  In addition, their insurance company said they would not pay-out again.  

The local Planning Department recommended Permadeck as an alternative so our installation team specialising in simulated lead roofs soon had it wind and watertight - permanently.

Most roofs have at least one complex detail and some have many, so it is far from straightforward to completely seal permanently with zinc or lead.

As for condensation, recent editions of the Building Regulations have put great emphasis on eliminating interstitial condensation.  Vapour barriers and permeable membranes are now insisted upon by both designers and Building Control. Every new construction now requires the proposed roof system to pass a Condensation Risk Analysis.  (See ours at: )

Since Permadeck is both joint free and permeable none of the above is a concern.  Permadeck is also guaranteed 20 years and underwritten by its BBA certification.

 (Suggested specification)

Seamless Roofing Ltd’s Permadeck 20 roof system (BBA 93/2967) comprising 18mm DryPly plywood decking with integral heavy duty edge trims, specially formulated base resin embedded with glass fibre matting and an ultra violet protected and fire retardant top resin; look-a-like lead finish with simulated lead rolls running from ridge to eaves at 600 nominal centres.     

Note that Permadeck becomes matt over time

On the left the picture shows the reproduction standing seams ready to have the final lead grey resin applied. On the right is the finished roof.

Two mono-pitches on  a Granny flat in a conser-vation area.

Permadeck: seamless and mouldable - so many advantages over lead:

1. Permadeck is seamless end-to-end and side-to-side unlike lead that must rely on overlaps at the sides and ends of every piece.
2. Permadeck can be flat or ribbed to suit your aesthetics and the ribs can be any distance apart.
3. Permadeck is ideal for rainwater harvesting. Would you water your vegetables with run-off from a lead roof?  Ref:
4. Permadeck has never been stolen; it has no intrinsic value unlike lead. Ref: Google search “Lead roofs stolen” = 8,500,000+ hits!
5. Permadeck is ideal for Warm Roofs since it does NOT require to sit on a ventilated deck as is recommended by English Heritage for their lead roofs (see English Heritage link on the Thermal page).
6. Permadeck is significantly lighter than the equivalent lead roof: 2.5kg/m2 compared with 20kg for Code 4 lead. For a typical 30m2 house extension the roof joists would carry only 75kg of Permadeck, the weight of an average man, or for a covering of lead, a huge 600kg.  
7. Simpler joinery: ‘lead steps’ are not required for Permadeck.
8. Better details: gulleys, parapets, outlets, conduits, valleys etc are so easy and effective with mouldable seamless  Permadeck.