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Permadeck with  soft single ply systems

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    Patio Doors
Further information on making sure the patio door is as watertight as possible.
In exposed aspects patio doors should sit on thresholds of at least 100mm. Where the patio door is less exposed to driven rain and snow or slush build-up a low or even zero threshold can be used as shown below. Note that the building regulations recommend 150mm upstands, so if in doubt seek the advice of your Building Control Officer regarding thresholds.

High exposure threshold with lead apron over the Permadeck and turned up behind the cill & frame. Skirting covers threshold and lead. Instead of the lead the Permadeck can be moulded as a tray on the threshold; the cill then sits in the tray.

Low exposure threshold with Permadeck moulded below and forming an upstand behind and at the ends of the cill & frame. Cill is bonded onto the Permadeck.

Skirting covers the Permadeck.

Conventional doors also need the Permadeck taken through to behind the cill. The Permadeck upstand can be covered with beading.

The door itself needs to cater for water/slush ingress between the door and the cill.

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If you want a low threshold eg to comply with Part M mobility requirements, Permadeck can be moulded through the doorway and up behind the cill or frame, which is fitted AFTER and bedded down on waterproof mastic with NO penetrating fixings.  In this way the bottom of the door set is on the outside of the waterproofing.