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Permadeck with  soft single ply systems

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                          Railing Pads
Railing stanchion pads are additional blocks moulded onto the base layer.  They can be any depth, though 36mm is the standard.  So long as the fixing screws aren't longer than this the Permadeck below the pad will not be penetrated. The blocks are typically 100mm x 100m in size.  If you are designing a new balcony, specify stanchion pads at no more than 2m centres.  Back-stays may also be necessary on very long runs.  Pads are sometimes not required at the point where the railings are bolted to an adjoining wall.
Railings fitted with plates and screwed
onto moulded blocks or pads.  Use stainless steel Tek screws that don’t penetrate the membrane below the pad.  Bed the plate on mastic.

Typical domestic installation:

Here the plates are bolted right through the roof slab. A thermal break should be fitted over the bolt tails.  Because the bolts are penetrating the membrane, the railing plates must sit on a bed of polysulphide mastic or similar on top of the finished Permadeck.  Allow some time for the mastic to cure before the final tighten.  This arrangement can also be fitted at the edge of the roof ie within the soffit overhang giving easier access.
New Build

L-plates ~10mm thick galvanised and bolted to joists give a strong cantilevered vertical plate to which a railing system can be attached.  Eliminates roof penetrations and keeps roof simple with easily cleaned gutter system.

Wall fixed with ext. gutter

Wall fixed with int. gutter, Permadeck moulded through gutter

Parapet design gives good anchor and wallhead is nice feature.

Pads moulded to parapet just before the final Permadeck colour coat.

Completed balcony and adjoining roof with large cupola.

Heavier duty installation: