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Permadeck with  soft single ply systems

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Trade & Professional Specifier’s Page
If you're a professional specifier eg builder, developer, architect, property manager you may have specific requirements, which might include specification, appearance, colour, scheduling, guarantees etc.
Since Permadeck is probably the most powerful waterproofing 'tool' available to builders and designers we are often asked to do the seaming impossible.  If it doesn't move we'll Permadeck it!  
New WARM roofs.

It helps to know at what point you want us to be involved. There are two typical scenarios:

  A) You build the roof to the lower deck level and cover with what will become the vapour barrier (min 0.25mm heavy duty polythene). We then fit the insulation (tissue faced PUR ~100mm), upper deck and the Permadeck with its edge trims, wall flashings etc.
  B) You do all the insulation & joinery including the fascias and gutters, then we fit the Permadeck etc.

With A, fitting the fascias and gutters after the Permadeck is laid can be difficult and not as neat.

Finally, you may or may not have to be Building Warrant compliant; if you have to be we can issue you with a Permadeck20 compliance certificate, which covers the waterproofing element only. The total design inc structural strength, thermal performance and condensation risk is NOT certified by us and should be checked by a competent person.  
Appearance:  You or the client may have specific or unusual requirements.  We have so much flexibility you will be amazed.
Colour:  If it's unusual please specify its name and BS number.  Very light colours tend to go streaky with atmospheric dirt. Please also note that a characteristic of Permadeck is the slight lightening of the colour pigment added.
Scheduling:  The secret here is to give us plenty of warning.  Please don't leave your order to the last minute!  Given adequate notice we can be flexible.
Guarantees: To suit NHBC Builders we can supply a 10 year NHBC guarantee.  Please specify this with your drawings/specification.

NB. Use foil-faced plaster board

Permadeck’s BBA certification is for a waterproofing system.  The certification does NOT cover the roof design, which should be designed & approved by a competent person prior to construction.  

Architects, Builders, Joiners, Developers etc.

Get the best out of Permadeck® with our fast sub-contract service.  

If you are competitively quoting for work, the fact that YOUR price includes PERMADECK could swing the deal your way from someone offering felt or other cheap system.

Permadeck keeps your Building Control Officer happy with its compliance certificates for the building regulations for roofs, balconies and all waterproofing inc complex details and wetrooms.

Trade leaflet - ideal information

for your client/architect.

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