the permanent roof
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Permadeck started as a permanent flat roof but has evolved into more than a roof system - it is now probably the most powerful waterproofing 'tool' on the market today.  
With experience spanning three decades Seamless Roofing Ltd have solved virtually every waterproofing situation. Click each heading for further information.
We're often asked: How does Permadeck® compare with...
When you see it in the 'flesh', when you realise how clever all the details have been moulded, when you know water just can't get through it, when you know how long it will last, when...
Then you know that NOTHING compares with Permadeck®
With Permadeck incorporating its own plywood base, almost ANY flat roof can have this system fitted. 
Tiles and slates don't work when the pitch is < 17.5º look here to solve your problem.
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Permadeck has been described as the 'ultimate encapsulation system'. If your roof has parapets why not incorporate them within the Permadeck?  This simple solution totally eliminates one of the commonest sources of leaks and damp.
Seamless Permadeck is ideal for lining valleys and gutters.
"Walk on it! Jump on it! Have a Party on it!"
This was our slogan for many years.  If you have a new balcony or need to refurbish an old one you will be delighted with Permadeck 20 but remember to specify the anti-slip surface and any stanchion pads.
A smart dormer can make all the difference to the appearance of a house
Some like it clean, some like it green.  Permadeck is ideal for Living Roofs, read all about it here.
Turrets say, "Here's a building that needs to be taken seriously."  Permadeck has many advantages over tiles, slates or lead.  
Whilst Permadeck has an edge trim fitted if you have old peeling fascias why not transform the building with some new upvc.
See the way Permadeck permanently joins with adjacent walls, tiles and slates and how any type of intrusion (pipes, vents, outlets, etc) can be easily moulded into the surface.
This can be the most worrying part of your work but with Seamless Permadeck it needn't be.
If your roof has a hole in it to let the water away you’ll probably already know this is not a good idea.
Click the heading to read all about hoppers.
This city centre roof was more complicated than first appeared, fortunately Permadeck could easily solve every detail.

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Not everyone can have a Permadeck balcony overlooking the River Clyde!

Note that Permadeck starts shiny but becomes matt.

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Permadeck 20

Water Tank Housings
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When to use Permadeck®
Conservatories are hot in the summer and cold in the winter so why not fit a lightweight Permadeck and enjoy the room all year round.