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Permadeck with  soft single ply systems

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Zero Carbon

You may already have seen on our Thermal Page that Permadeck & Thermadeck can be used for ultra low U-value roof designs, however, Zero Carbon designs are totally different and Permadeck is also ideally suited.

Low U-values stop heat being lost but Zero Carbon Permadeck roofs GENERATE power or CAPTURE heat with Renewable Energy Systems (RES).  

Zero Carbon Roof Designs
Why Permadeck for Zero Carbon Roofs?

A flat roof with Permadeck installed can be a great resource for a Zero or near-Zero carbon building.

1. Permadeck is BBA certified as a walked-on surface so can readily take the extra traffic need by RES.


2. Permadeck and Thermadeck are ‘hard’ roofs ie the twin-resin systems are moulded directly onto their plywood substrate.  Permadeck and Thermadeck can, therefore, carry the reasonable weight of RES equipment without compression or deformation.

3. Permadeck can have pads or bearers moulded onto the surface to secure RES with storm resistant fixings. This is the same concept as Railing Pads.

4. Permadeck has a certified life expectation exceeding most RE equipment.

5. Permadeck is highly resistant to both impact and abrasion, which makes it ideal for RES installations.

Renewable Energy Systems on flat roofs

Photo Voltaic - electricity

Solar Panels - hot water

Air Source Heat Pumps - hot water

Each type of RES has its own advantages and disadvantages but Permadeck and Thermadeck will compliment all installations. We are happy to work with your preferred RES installer on your Zero Carbon project ensuring that your roof maintains its primary function: keeping you dry.